Sunday 11 May 2014

"Collecting is more than just buying objects."

When I first started writing the blog it was going to be a pretty unpersonal affair. No names and no pictures of us just posts about playing and a homage to mine and my boys love of toys. All our posts were about new toys we had found and how we loved playing. The early posts were dominated by one range of toys in particular. A collection I had started for Opeie when I found out he was on his way, that collection is still going strong and locked away for when he is a lot older despite not adding to it for about 6 months, until yesterday.

I was drawn into the Marvel Super hero squad range from the moment i saw them. Aside from the more 'grown up' collectors ranges like 'legends' or 'select', super hero squad boasted the largest variety of heroes and villains aimed at a younger audience. These figures are great, a cute introduction for younger children into the magical world of comics and all the characters I grew up admiring.  Opeie's collection is pretty immense and even though I've got a lot of the characters there are still loads I need to track down. Yesterday's delivery added a few great characters I was missing, Thanos, Gambit, night crawler, Beast etc and has relit the flame for hunting down the missing characters.

It's great to see when I'm looking online that some of the characters I own are fetching much higher than the £5.99 asking price I found them at when I first started collecting. The internet has been a god send for anything we're collecting but while we were in Florida last year we popped into target and i spotted three boxes of figures from the Iron man 3 movie. The problem with collecting a range like this is that most of the characters were never released in this country so finding them has been daunting at times.

 I love collecting, there's something so satisfying about finding the things that you are looking for, my inner geek comes out full force. When I first met Mrs M she saw it as hoarding but I think she understands now especially after I tracked her down most of the Dick Bruna book collection a few Christmas' ago for an advent gift. I love jumping in on other peoples collections too I find it all quite exciting.

Well as I said the new additions were delivered yesterday which spurred me on to get the rest of the collection out while Opeie was having his afternoon nap. Seth hadn't seen them all out of storage and his eyes lit up at the amount of characters that were there. There will probably be many more posts abot these figures, at least until i have completed the collection. I have a few collections on the go for the boys, i think it will be nice to have something to give them that they will love and who knows they might be worth a little something by then.


Em @ snowingindoors said...

Ezra saw this post and darn near lost his mind, "spiderman, hulk". If he could drive I think he'd have left home to live with you all!!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

hahaha...well we can always make space. It is a young kids dream collection but its nowhere near complete yet. i brought the helicarrier and a command centre yesterday from the states, oops xxx

Em @ snowingindoors said...

This is why I had to delete the eBay app from my phone, it was bankrupting me!! ;-)

GiftsFromThePirates said...

That's one app i will never delete, I am an eBay addict. I don't know how people ever coped without it xx

Rebecca Beesley said...

wow - what an awesome collection! x