Monday 13 July 2015

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

It only seems like 5 minutes ago since my last birthday but its been a whole year and this year like every other Birthday (I was woken up by 2 excited little boys). Seth had woken Mrs M up at 5am and from the sound of it forced her out of bed to blow up balloons, when I was woken against my will at 6:15 she looked shattered but the boys were eager to give me gifts and make a fuss of me (i love being a dad).

I think someone must have let slip at some point that I was a slight fan of LEGO as all of my lovely gifts were LEGO themed. The boys as always had made me some lovely cards, Opeie had drawn lego heads and Seth had drawn a lovely selection of mustaches, delightful. 

It was clear that Mrs M needed some more sleep so I took the boys downstairs and while the boys played I put my feet up and had a mooch through the new LEGO book they had bought me.

After a pretty eventful week I didn't really feel up to doing all that much and when Mrs M finally came down after catching some extra Z's it was obvious she felt the same. We had a great morning playing and taking it easy and I was rewarded for my lazyness with tasty chocolate cake with a light show.

We didn't want to be stuck in all day so we asked our friend Tabiitha what she was up to and we all went out for a scoot/ walk around a local lake. We all had a great time at the park although Mrs M looked a little embarrassed by my playground antics and I got a few disproving looks! Its my birthday man and I was having fun. Opeie told her she was boring and to go home (the boys got my back). It's probably a good job she doesn't see what we get up to while shes at work.

The afternoon soon came to a close and on the way home we stopped off at the supermarket and Mrs M attempted to get me a sneaky bottle of wine for a relaxing evening. She returned looking a little miffed and explained that she had been asked for ID and didn't have anything so they wouldn't serve her to which i said "I bet they would have served you if I was with you" Seth then piped up from the back seat and informed me that she would have still got served because I look like her dad!! great way to end another year of getting older, thanks Seth.

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