Wednesday 1 July 2015

"A friend is what the heart needs all the time."

Opeie is a HUGE fan of cuddly toys and the bottom bunk of the boys bed has become home to most of them. Although they all get attention when there is a teddy bears picnic going on or if barricades are needed for some form of war reenactment, only a few make it to the A-list. They may get a single outing if they are lucky but to be part of the scooting crew,  to hang out with the likes of Rose (the head honcho), you need to be something pretty special.

When Mic arrived through the post from MicroScooters a very excited Opeie couldn't wait to get him strapped up and out on an adventure fit for a monkey. I wasn't sure if that would be the only sunshine Mic would see though or more importantly how Rose would react to another toy riding up front in her spot.

Turns out that the two had a lot in common and hit it off straight away. Mic's long arms and legs were perfect for holding his new friend firmly with no fear of either of them getting lost. Since Mic's arrival he has been on many scooting adventures and has also Opened up the front spot to other cuddly toys wanting to join in on all our two wheeled action. 

Hooray for Mic!


Micro Scooters are extremely addictive and if used correctly are very exciting! Over use can leave you looking like this... 


 ... So get scooting!

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