Saturday 11 July 2015

"Wine is bottled poetry."

I love a nice bottle of wine but as Mrs M doesn't like it and i hate drinking alone the opportunity to partake in a little tipple doesn't present itself very often. yesterday however my two buddies Tabiitha and Dawn were having a little mothers meet and i decided to join the two raging wino's.

Mrs M clearly had some secret plans for my Birthday and couldn't get me out the house quick enough. So my Friday night wine tasting session worked out perfectly for everyone.

These pair of trouble makers have been so much fun to be around since i started hanging out with them. I love popping over for cups of tea, having a chance to put the world to rights with our important intellectual topics. 'Which is better a rich tea or a malted milk?'. Serious stuff!

It was a great way to kick off the birthday celebrations with some awesome (and maybe slightly unhinged) friends.

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