Tuesday 21 July 2015

"Sorry I'm late, I was saving the world. You know how it is."

Whenever we are sent something to review myself and the boys sit down and discuss how we are going to tackle it as a team. Although the bulk of the writing on the blog is done by me, the blog is definitely a team effort and the boys love getting involved. Today we sat with the LEGO Ant-man kit in front of us and we were racking our brains for a creative way to approach the post when Opeie said 'if I was Ant-man I'd be able to hide when i had to tidy up' which was followed by Seth's 'If you were small like Ant-man you wouldn't be able to use the toilet'. That's how our blog brainstorming begins and what we were left with was...

The Pro's and Con's of being Ant-Man!

So we shrank Opeie down to Ant-man size to test our list of Hypothesis. 

1. Seth said 'If you were the Ant-man you would be great at games like Hide and seek because no one would be able to find you...

...But Opeie pointed out that he might be good at some games but at that size he wouldn't be winning any bike races!

2. You wouldn't have to eat much to fill your tummy, every meal would be an enormous feast...

...The downside is there might be situation where you end up on a giant spoon and be part of that feast without anyone realising!

3. As Seth pointed out, using a toilet at that size could be a HUGE problem...

... Opeie being Mr positive pointed out "Secret swimming pool?".

*Both toilet and LEGO were sterilised during the making of this review! Haha

4. Being the Ant-Man would be so cool, you could fly around on ants and mate friends with all the fun creepy crawlies...

...Unfortunately, in life there is always that one over affectionate type, that invades your personal space against your will.

5. Who wouldn't love playing with giant LEGO! that would be so much fun. You could build yourself a whole world to live in, AMAZING!

...Those prison cells we always seem to be building into our creations though can make things a little awkward if you find yourself trapped.

6. As pointed out by Opeie, If you were the size of Ant-man when it came to helping Seth tidy their room he could hide completely out of sight until all the chores were completed...

... If you build LEGO a lot though you'll know that those amazing little blocks don't have a great relationship with the hoover.

The outcome of our little experiment was that despite all the obstacles you would encounter as an ant sized person, being the Ant-man would still be extremely cool. I can think of many cool adventures I could go on at that size. If you haven't seen the movie (which came out last friday) yet, I strongly recommend it, me and Opeie were lucky enough to be invited to the premier and we were full hooked from the start.

Considering the LEGO that accompanies the release is on one of LEGO's smaller kits it's actually one of my favourite kits of the year so far. Antony (Ant-man's trusty carpenter ant) is a great build and we loved the wings. The price of the kit is great, especially as you get three brand new characters from the Marvel universe, Ant-man, Hank Pym and that Yellow Jacket. The Marvel LEGO characters are the only ones that I fully collect so a kit like this is very much appreciated.

One of the things that made the kit for us was the oversized LEGO bricks and Screws that you get to build from parts which really add to the role play when you are having your own mini super hero adventure. Everything you would expect from a product made by the company that helps fill so much of our family bonding time.

Go see the film... and then get straight up to your nearest toy story so you can continue your  micro sized adventures.

The End!

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