Tuesday 15 September 2015

"It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho"

I spent yesterday complaining about the weather as it was chucking it down all day and like a big kid I wanted to go and play outside. Today the sun came out which was great but after the arrival of a fun package around lunch time we found ourselves hoping for rain, typical. Scooting is big business in our house, it takes up the bulk of our outdoor play time and I love it just as much as the boys (if not a little bit more, shhhh...).

Today before making the most of the glorious sunshine, Opeie excitedly opened our lunchtime delivery to find inside a Micro Waterproof Jungle Croc Poncho and he couldn't wait to get it on. It was clear from the get go that the large pocket upfront was only going to be used for one thing, comfortably ferrying Opeie's best friend Rose about. As expected the delivery was the catalyst for and afternoon of scooting (like we needed an excuse).

We were hoping for a light shower to put this stunning piece of Micro-Scooter genius to the test. But apart from a light dribble it was dry and sunny, not that we were complaining as dry floors mean safer scooting. Opeie loved wearing a top that wasn't restricting his movement and he said he felt like a colourful batman. The Croc print (also available in heart print) on the poncho is adorable and it matched Opeie's Scootersaurus safety helmet  perfectly. As Seth now has a matching helmet too Opeie asked me to wear one of them as he was worried about me hurting myself. It actually never crossed my mind that I wasn't setting a very good example by not wearing a helmet myself, so I think its about time I got one too, I'm thinking the new Bern Matte Black helmet , maybe with the Elk Coolcase over if it fits (well I've got to embrace my inner child).

Our matching helmets received quite a bit of attention from passing dog walkers which was great. One elderly couple even stopped us to compliment Opeie on the Poncho, it was definitely an afternoon of stylish scooting and he was loving whooshing around with his new "cape" on.

The most important feature about the Micro poncho's aside from the adorable kitsch print is how the entire thing can be folded in to the front pocket and zipped away for when its not needed. If that wasn't awesome enough there are three velcro fastening straps to attach the small bag to your scooter (Yes! Micro-scooters are amazing and they think of EVERYTHING).

We were a little disappointed at the lack of rain (I can't believe I'm typing that), but there will be many, many scooting adventures to follow and I'm sure we'll put Opeie's new fashion accessory through its paces. Until next time fellow scooterers (still not sure about that word haha).

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