Wednesday 9 September 2015

"“Lucite… hardening… must… end life… in classic Lorne Greene pose… from… Battlestar… Galactica… Best… death… EVER!”"

We are a bit late to the LEGO party for once and we've only just got round to building the Simpsons house (Which is a pretty great build if you get a chance). I'm not a huge fan of the Simpsons but Seth loves it which means Opeie loves it too. Since completing the build Seth has informed me that he would like us to build Springfield in its entirety. Not something we can get built quickly but I'll definitely have a go, one building at a time. After a pretty hectic afternoon a few days back Seth gave me the remaining 45 minutes before they went to bed to quickly create Bart's tree house. It wasn't my finest work, but then i did only have 45 minutes. It was like the LEGO version of a bake off challenge.

The following day that rather demanding boy of mine again requested a LEGO build, this time though he wanted 'The Androids Dungeon & Baseball card shop'. For those of you not familiar with the Simpsons, its the comic book store run by one of the characters from the LEGO Simpsons series 2 range. So I did a little research and poured LEGO out all over the floor in preparation for the build with the boys. I had requested that Seth help me with this one but he was far to engrossed with building an army of convicts for something he was working on and who am I to get in the way of his artistic flair.

Thankfully it was one of those grotty days where you don't really want to do much apart from build LEGO and drink a continuous run of cups of tea (I love these days sometimes). It was much nicer having longer than 45 minutes to complete my creation and the boys were thrilled with the outcome. I cant stop myself feeling annoyed that the shop canopy is red instead of purple but I just didn't have the parts so I'll have to change that at a later date.

I will eventually take care of Seth's other request and print out a shop sign and robot sticker for the window (these children of mine are so demanding). It will be interesting to see which building Seth decides he would like next, I have informed him though that he will be chipping in with the next one.

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