Wednesday 2 September 2015

"This place makes me so nervous, all I can think of is food!"

As if LEGO isn't entertaining enough, they are constantly releasing kits and themes that take me right back to being a child myself, Back to the future (my second favourite film growing up), Ghostbusters and now a whole range based on that anxious dog and his gang of mystery solving friends that took up many hours of my viewing time. The LEGO Scooby doo range is awesome and the four remaining kits are definitely on my wish list after receiving the Mystery machine.

The theme was a little lost on the boys to start with as they had never really watched the show but they loved building the kit and are eager to get their hands on the bad guys that are spread throughout the kits. Whats nice about this range is the price as three of the kits are at the lower end price wise (always good when you have LEGO enthusiastic youngsters that NEED them all).

As always we love how all LEGO themes work hand in hand and writing this post gave us the chance to rebuild the monster fighters castle and break out an army of baddies, Usually with most of the LEGO kits we get, they inevitably get broken up and move on to become custom creations but i have a feeling that this cult van will be staying just the way it is.

Fingers crossed, He-man will be next on my trip down LEGO memory lane.

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