Sunday 13 September 2015

“ Mind is the battery cell, Intelligence is the switch ”

When i first started writing the blog i would say yes to all manner of craft challenges from companies as we loved receiving packages of random craft items. As the years have gone by though the yes' got less and less, it's been a good 6 months since the last one so when we received an email to take part in the Energizer’s Re-imagination Challenge, I asked the boys what they thought and they jumped at the chance. Energizer has re-imagined the battery category with the world’s first battery made out of 4% recycled battery material and their aim is for the EcoAdvanced battery to be made from 40% recycled battery material by 2025, Which i think is amazing when you think of all the batteries that get thrown.

I explained the challenge to the boys and this weekend while Mrs M had a bit of quiet time after a busy week, me and the troops crept out into the garden with our wooden crate of random objects to upcycle. Our first plan was to use EVERYTHING to create one huge sculpture but as we chatted about it Seth said that he didn't feel like it was upcycling unless it was something we were going to use regularly. 

Seth took the brief as 'we're not allowed to use anything but the things in the box' and while i disappeared looking for a paintbrush for the boys to use with the acrylics, Seth used his initiative and used the scissors to chop up the sponges for him and Opeie to use. Seth's upcycling plan was to turn the CD'S in to coasters for the house using the Acrylic paints...

Me... I threw caution to the wind with Seth's 'we're not allowed to use anything but the things in the box' and got the electric sander out as i had my eye on the wooden crate that the delivery came in. We had been doing a little upcycling already over the last few weeks when i got hold of some pallets and decided to make some garden furniture (unfinished at the moment), but more importantly the boys dinosaur excavation pit. The upcycled dig site turned out great. Opeie keeps leaving his dinosaurs scattered about thogh so i thought the crate would be perfect for storing them in. I sanded it down and went looking for the left over paint so it matched the pit.

Opeie used his upcycling time to create an alien using sponges, paper plates and pipe cleaners, followed by a kite made from a scarf, an interesting use of the items sent to us.

It was clear from the look of concentration on Seth's face that he was really in to our afternoon activity and his upcycled coasters ended up looking amazing. Sitting outside in the sunshine creating is definitely one of my favourite things to do wit the boys, it's quality family time.

There is still plenty of items left for another craft session and we've already discussed the next transformation of the spirit decanter into a dark and creepy bottle of elixir for our Halloween celebration decorations so watch this space.

Who'd have thought it, all this fun from a pack of batteries and we didn't even have to use them to power anything up.

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