Friday 16 October 2015

"Happiness is the natural flower of duty."

I had the weirdest conversation at the park yesterday with what I can only describe as a complete lunatic. The voice, who introduced himself as 'Choochy' talked about the ultimate battle between Pirates and Dinosaurs. He went on to tell me that Police and Criminals would inevitably need to join forces to take on the sheer magnitude of these colossal forces.

Clearly i was hooked as soon as the voice started emanating for the pretty yellow flower. The voice continued setting me tasks to put in to action to save us from our impending doom and although scared by what was coming I felt strangely at ease by his trusting voice, who was this strange person communicating via plant? was he some sort of deranged botanist as well as our savior? I'm still unsure, but thanks to the chance secretive meeting i am prepared for the events that are going to unfold, are you?

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