Thursday 1 October 2015

"You fake a stomach cramp, and when you're bent over, moaning and wailing, you lick your palms. It's a little childish and stupid, butthen, so is high school."

Sometimes I write a post and for some reason or other  it doesn't get published so every now and again I'm just going to publish them as it seems a waste, so here's the first of my belated posts.

I don't have a great recollection of my time at primary school, I'm not really sure why? I remember the big events, marrying my girlfriend of 3 years at the leavers assembly in a mock wedding set up by the teachers (weird) followed by everyone in our year holding hands in a circle while me and my new wife danced at the leaving disco definitely stands out, but the general events have always been a little hazy. What I do remember about school overall though was the uncertainty and the never really feeling comfortable in my surroundings. When it came to getting out of school I was terrible during the secondary years, skiving off lessons and forging apparent notes from my parents. At primary school though I hadn't reached that point so all I had to play with was good old fashioned physical illness because I craved that mythical sick day so much. Back then in the 80's there was a movie knocking about that gave me all the motivation I needed for staying home and doing my own thing, thanks to Netflix Ferris Beuller has been on hand to teach the boys the same life lessons.

Sometimes though there's no need for all the theatrics, This week I had a phone call from the school letting me know that Seth was unwell an could I come and collect him. Although I don't want either of the boys to be unwell. I still get excited about an extra day at home and being too ill to go out means fun in the house when everyone else is trapped at dreaded school. That afternoon Seth pretty much just slept and then went to bed early. The following morning Seth had the tell tale dark rings around the eyes, a classic sign of him feeling unwell. That rare sick day was upon us and i was intending to make the most of it (If Seth was feeling up to it of course).

The first part of the day was spent sofa bound, but there was no complaints here. I don't feel like we get to do this enough as we are always busy doing other things. Cuddles under the blanket is exactly where we needed to be. Plus it gave us another excuse to relive the trials and tribulations of Mr Beuller on Netflix.

It may have been psychological but I was starting to feel a little rough myself, this usually happens with me (strange I know). We needed something tasty for breakfast to set us up for the day so with a little hand from Opeie we made Buckwheat banana and nutmeg pancakes with peanut putter which seemed to perk everyone up.

All the excitement of breakfast was clearly too much for Seth so he made his way back to bed, followed by the hairiest nurse in the house. Polly is adorable and every night when the boys go to bed she goes up with them and sleeps outside their room, like their furry protector. She is very switched on to them being ill and seems to know when things aren't right and this sick day was no different. Polly followed Seth straight up to the top bunk and curled up at his feet, staying there until Seth was ready to come down (She is such an awesome cat!).

We love playing computer games but I'm always wary about the amount of time spent playing, this however goes out the window when the boys are ill. If we are confined to the sofa then I am happy to fully embrace the consoles and our love of gaming. Thanks to our friends Chris and Katie who gave the boys some new games last weekend we were all entertained for the afternoon.

At some point in the day the boys would eventually be wanting to take them selves away from the comforts of the cozy sofa. After lunch we braved it upstairs to the bedroom, because that's where the LEGO is of course. It wasn't the intense LEGO building session that we usually throw ourselves in to but we did manage to make a couple of custom figures for our Marvel Super Hero collection.

It was a day of playing and relaxing and despite the illness loitering in the house I think we all needed it and loved every minute of our stolen day at home. It was back to school the following day and Seth's adventures soon became a distant memory, Thanks to Netflix though Ferris is there for Seth to brush up on his skiving tactics

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