Sunday 18 October 2015

"Life is anything that dies when you stomp on it."

Its been a few weeks since our post about our interesting find in the woods . We did finally get round to painting the other side of our dinosaur feet and on Friday night before heading out on our weekend of camping fun I spent the evening drilling holes and sewing the elastic straps on to our creations, ready for some dino stomping along the beach. Earlier that day we popped out to get some last minute provisions for the trip and Opeie spotted a dinosaur costume in a shop that just had to come along for the journey too.

 The dino costume had to of course go on as soon as we hit the beach and as Opeie galloped along the rocks with a huge smile on his face I found myself falling in love with him all over again. We were after soft wet sand though, so that we could give our dinosaur feet a good stomp but as we couldn't see past the rocks in the distance, the dino rider and his trusty steed inevitably ended up on my shoulders.

 We finally reached the wet sand and sat down to attach those gloriously painted Theropod feet. Opeie looked so pleased with himself and what he had created as we stamped our feet along the shore line splashing in the water and squelching our colourful toes in to the soft wet sand.

 Being a dinosaur is hard work! so after an hour of stamp, STAMP, STAMPING, We sat down for a bite to eat (there were no smaller dinosaurs about so its still the herbivore lifestyle for us). It was a little overcast but the beach was calm and peaceful (after the stomping had stopped anyway).

 Our homemade Dinosaur feet were everything we expected, as we sat on the beach Opeie said "Daddy, I'm having the best day today, I love you.", I could have cried. Being a dinosaur for the afternoon is AMAZING! but it will never beat that awesome feeling I get from being a dad.

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