Thursday 23 February 2017

"A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst, than in the beginning of danger."

There used to be a time when I was a big part of a LEGO kit build, I'd sit there doing all the hard parts and when the boys had lost interest, because they were taking too long and they just wanted to play with the finshed piece, I'd get to finish them off. These days though the boys get so into building the kits and want to do it all themselves so I have been demoted to the guy that puts the stickers on straight. It's fine though I do get to do the occasional solo build when the boys are in bed, plus I get so much out of watching them work together as a team, building something awesome.

There are so many exciting kits out at the moment and even more due to be released this year, Opeie especially has really got into kit building recently and Seth has been his go-to guy when building custom pieces to go with the kits he is putting together. One range that has really got them both excited is the latest kits from the Nexo Knights range. Chapter 2 boasts some pretty amazing kits and as I stood in our local toy store ogling the boxes, I found myself completely hooked on all the new bad guys. 

The first to get my attention was Ruinas Lock and Roller, the kit is great and an evil looking jail cell wagon is always going to be of interest to Seth, he loves building holding cells. The fact that this one has a trap door though had the pair of them excited while they were building it. Being a collector of LEGO monsters and baddies though, it was the Ruina figure that I wanted to get my hands on most. 

I love all the bad guys from the latest range (Opeie is always telling me it's strange how Baddie and Daddy rhymes, clearly it was meant to be, mwahahaha). Rogul was another minifigure that got my full attention, how awesome is that rock base. Lance's Twin Jouster is the sort of kit Opeie loves, he's all about the good guys and Seth loves locking the good guys up so they play great together. Opeie is also a big fan of vehicles that split to become other vehicles, so being able to split the Twin jouster into a motorcycle and jet pack added another level to the boys play. The jet pack can also be added to battle suit Lance, if you purchase that set too. I love how well thought out these kits are and they are perfect for role-playing action.

I can't wait to see what the Nexo knights have in store for chapter 3 and after seeing this release i'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more interesting baddies.  You can check out the entire Nexo Knights range HERE.

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