Thursday 23 February 2017

'Jestro's dark clouds and gloomy weather'

Since Opeie's last LEGO adventure story when he wrote about Ironman: Detroit Steel Strikes, he has been asking pretty much every day about writing another. Today turned out to be the perfect day for it when we looked out of our window this morning and saw Storm Doris throwing our garden furniture about and pulling our hanging basket bracket out of the wall. Opeie's response 'I'm not planning on going out today dad', love that boy. He was so right though, there was nothing pushing me towards our front door so we got up, finished watching a movie we had started last night and then got stuck into building theLEGO Nexo knights Jestro's Headquarters, and what a kit to be building on this windy wet day.

Watching this beauty come together was so much fun and has definitely been one of the more interesting larger playsets due to the enormous vehicle being able to be separated into smaller vehicles. Plus the baddies from the new Nexo Knights range have really got my LEGO geekiness at its peak. This range has been Perfect for the boys adventure roleplaying. Opeie made it clear that he was taking the lead again on this one and of course, it started with one of us being in trouble...

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