Friday 17 February 2017

"I need to get in to LEGO mode"

It's no surprise to anyone that I am an enormous LEGO geek,  These awesome bricks have had an amazing impact on the way the boys and I play together and they have been an never ending fountain of creativity. Lately though, they have become a big part of Opeies homeschooling too as they have given him a chance to express his creative writing in a very interesting way. After writing and creating his Scarecrow and Bane dress up post a week or so ago he has been craving writing another post and creating a story with his LEGO. So as we had the Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes waiting to be built we sat down together and started a new story. Over to Opeie...

"I love writing blog posts because they are fun and I love playing lego. I love making up stories and pretending that I am a lego man and I love building lego cars. Here's my super hero story..."

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