Wednesday 15 February 2017

"If it's right then it's right If it's wrong then it's wrong Let's keep playing the song 'til it's over"

There was a time long ago when my weeks were taken up by travelling about, seeing various bands all over the country. Music has always been a huge thing for me and going to gigs back then, was how I loved spending my time. It's amazing how much your life changes when you have children and you no longer have that sort of time to do the things that you want. The love of music is still there, I'd take the tunes I love, over any movie or TV show and this is something that has definitely rubbed off onto Opeie, that boy of mine is always singing and dancing and he has quite the eclectic taste.

I've written many posts about what Opeie is listening to and although he loves a little from most genres, country is definitely the music he favours. We are thrilled about this as Country music is also a big thing for me and Mrs M too. While listening to Spotify last weekend, I clicked on a link to one of the bands that Opeie loves (Old Dominion) and found that surprisingly they are touring the UK. I had looked on their website so many times hoping they would cross the pond, with no joy. It turns out that they are supporting another singer (Thomas Rhett) that Opeie loves too. So we decided to treat ourselves to tickets, and I couldn't be more excited about taking Opeie to his first gig.

 The gig isn't for months, which gives us plenty of time to design some awesome T-shirts for the show. Being a dad to such an amazing little dude is the best. I feel like the luckiest guy EVER!

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