Sunday 13 November 2011

A Hideously Deformed Creature Of Superhuman Size And Strength...

I was 11 years old when i first began my love affair with Troma, a bit wierd i know considering the content of most Troma movies, but at 11 the Toxic Crusaders hit the Tv and i was hooked (little did i know from where the show originated).

I have now managed to get our 5 year old interested in them too, which lucky for him means my Toxic Crusaders figures have made a grand appearance in the boys room. I love these figures, they don't make toys like this anymore. (i must admit though i was missing 2 of the characters which i have only managed to track down recently so as i said to Mrs M "That collection is now complete")

I am a little gutted that there wasn't more characters from the series or film that were made into figures as these really are great toys, colourful and very detailed. As you can see from the pictures all issues of the Toxic Avenger comic are present also. (i did make it quite clear from the start i was a geek).

I think there are a lot of women out there that wouldn't like the though of being with a big kid like me but i am very lucky really that Mrs M collects vintage fisher price toys and Dick Bruna children's books. So were both as bad as each other (he says very quietly so Mrs M doesn't hear as we both clearly know who is worse). it certainly makes for a more interesting house for the boys to live in.I am quite sure they wouldn't have us any other way (well until they are teenagers anyway and we just become Embarrassing).

These days though i spend more time watching a different kind of Troma movie,which leads me to this question to finish up on......

What sort of age do you think it is acceptable to introduce your child to 'poultrygeist: Night of the chicken dead'???

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