Sunday 27 November 2011

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

 Well i thought that it was finally time to get out the crates of toys i had been collecting for our youngest, i had forgotten what i had actually brought over the last 12 months. Ive not really posted much about DC so i thought id start with some of the Batman figures i had collected. I'm going to be pretty gutted if the little one gets older and he's not into super hero's. If he's into football god knows what i'm going to do, ill be completely out of my comfort zone. Mrs M says there will be no chance of that though with me and his brother running around dressed like Batman and the Joker.

These figures are from 'The Batman' animated series,  I definitely prefer the villains in the batman series. I always saw Batman as being a bit of a wuss.

Although there are plenty of animated batman adaptations my son would still rather watch the 1966 Adam West and Burt Ward series and i cant say i blame him. The show is timeless and i found it much more entertaining when the 'caped crusader' was more tongue in cheek.  My son is always asking to see the 'Exploding shark' from the Movie.

Anyway back to the figures.....

Im missing a fair few characters but as with all my collections i will complete them soon. Ive got a good few years before my youngest will be playing with them. These are some of the Batman figures i have so far. I'm thinking of starting a Joker collection as there have been so many variations over the years, plus he is one of my favorite comic book villains.

I thought i would also include our DC 'chubby' figures,Ive only managed to get hold of 2 of these so far, i'm not sure many of the characters were released. Aquaman spends more time in the bath than in the boys room as his trident squirts water. He is one of my favorite's of all the pre-school figures.

I was laughing to myself earlier at how many toys i've actually brought and are in storage,i dont even think Mrs M has any idea (but she will when she reads this over the next few weeks). Stay tuned for Super Hero Squad, Star wars and Lego.

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I love the penguin. Love moma.