Wednesday 16 November 2011

Spider man and his amazing 'chunky' friends

Playskool Spider-man and friends preschool chunky figures. (Or chubby figures as my son calls them) These toys were great for introducing my son to Marvel comic book characters and they will be there to do the same for my youngest (when his mother allows it). I have a small confession though. I had these figures before the boys were even part of my life. I had hoped that when i brought them they would one day get played with by children and i'm lucky enough to have just that.

They are great for young children as there are no small parts. Also in some of the comic books the villains can be pretty brutal but as you can see from the cheeky expressions,their just here to play.It's just a shame that more of the characters were not made. My son would have liked Deadpool. There is something so satisfying about your children playing with your toys.These had been on display everywhere i had lived since buying them but its great actually playing with them.

We usually find that Captain America is the overall hero when were playing. Because all the accessories for these slide on their backs and they all fit each other we usually find that Iron Man is very clumsy/forgetful and either gets his rocket pack stolen or he leaves it lying around for the the Green Goblin to stumble upon and take out for a test drive. Our playing usually consists of the Hero's helping Tony Stark to retrieve his beloved Rockets.

Thing in his bumper car although a rather random toy is definitely one of my favorites and was actually brought by Mrs M (she's definitely a keeper), A great find also for £1, you cant buy anything for a pound these days.

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