Thursday 10 November 2011

Learning to read.....

We don't have any problems finding books to read to our 5 year old,he loves being read to and doesn't mind what it is. Now he's at school he's starting to read things for himself a lot more. We've been trying to find ways to incorporate things he enjoys into his learning to read.

These books are great for first words, sentences and letter sounds. They are made by phonics and are from the 'i can read!' series. We brought the spider-man and batman box sets. Our boy loves them but I'm sure he will love them a lot more when his reading gets better.

A few months back we had a really good find in a charity shop, I get most of the boys books from charity shops,our local charity shop does 'fill a plastic bag with books for £1' so you can imagine how many books the boys have in their room.

These board books are from the Spider-man and friends special helpers series, in each one Spider-man saves the day and captures the villains with the help of two children. Poor sandman gets sucked up a vacuum by the children (sucks being a super villain).

It wouldn't be right unless i also included our homes bible,a book that we read religiously throughout the week. it has brought us a lot of guidance and i feel without it we would fall into a life of chaos and confusion....

Obviously i was talking about 'The Marvel Encyclopedia' 70 years of Marvel comics between 2 hard covers. No comic book geeks home should be without it. I was over the moon when Mrs Mcfly brought it for me for being a good boy (ill just have to keep up my good behaviour and hope that secures me the DC Comics edition for Christmas). It's a great read but also has another great advantage. When purchasing large lots of action figures off eBay, sometimes you have no idea who some of the characters are but now me and the boys can refer to the oracle now to find out.

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