Thursday 10 January 2013

"It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new."

A few weeks before Christmas we had to go to Wolverhampton for something work related for Mrs M. On the way home we decided to pay a visit to a charity shop that Mrs M loves and I'm so glad that we did. Every now and again while mooching round charity shops we spot a great find, usually super hero related but on this day we found something very special.

Mrs M collects vintage Fisher Price and other vintage children's toys and when we walked in to the charity shop we both got very excited...

I couldn't believe our luck you never spot things like this and their very sought after. The vintage school cost us a mere £3 and another couple of pound for the characters,tables, chairs and other accessories. That alone would have got us both very excited but that wasn't the only great find we had that day, it seemed that the charity shop was brimming with vintage treats. We picked these 2 toys up also and until we got to the till we didn't realise that the two attach together and there is a handle to carry it. Its such a great toy and really put a smile on both of our faces.

And the fun didn't end there, this really was the best charity shop find we have ever had. One of the planes was missing a door and the other one had a broken tail but these sort of things just add to the appeal for Mrs M. The thing i love most about vintage toys is the thought of the story behind them, who played with them? where have they been kept for all this time? Well obviously we will never find out who played with them before but we know who plays with them now. Despite the abundance of super hero merchandise in the house its lovely to know that the boys love playing with all toys and they both adore these.

I doubt we will ever have a find like this again, it was so worth that short detour on our way home.


ruth said...

aw thats nice

Rebecca Beesley said...

what a fab find!!! well done. x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

It was like christmas came early for us. we lve a good vintage toy here x