Wednesday 16 January 2013

"Alright squaddies, time to hero up!"

When i first started writing the blog i planned on it mainly being about toys and what me and the boys collect but as time has gone on its become a lot more personal and although i do write about toys on many of the posts there is a lot of posts about the general things that we get up to. A few of the earlier post were taken up by a collection i started for Opeie before he was even here with us. I'm a huge Marvel fan and on finding out about the Super Hero Squad range and how many characters there were available i knew i wanted to start collecting them for that boy of mine.

It's been over two years now but for the last 6 months i hadn't brought anything to go with the collection. To be fair they have been in a sealed crate and basically i had forgotten about them... that is until last week when i decided to have a look on eBay and noticed that quite a few had been listed (strange because apart from the 3 special Amazing Spider-man boxes and the 3 Avengers boxes they haven't released any for a while). I purchased 2 boxes but that afternoon i realised why they had re surfaced on eBay. I had popped in to our local B&M to buy some tea light candles and as usual i had a quick look in the toy isle and there staring back at me were a couple of boxes i needed for my collection.

Obviously i made the most of my find and as i was writing a post about them i thought i would also include the pictures from all of my previous posts. I wanted to get them out of the crate and retake the photos but the boys don't know about them and i didn't want to risk them being seen. These are this weeks purchase...

Finding these has really catapulted me back in to my collection and ive been looking on eBay every day since. I'm still desperate to get hold of the three Avengers boxes from the movie but no luck yet. The main problem is that many of the waves of figures that were released were not released in the UK (story of my life!) the US gets all the best toys. Ill start the pictures with the three Amazing spider-man boxes from the movie...

Rather than just waffle on about them as I'm sure that might just come across a little boring here is the photos from the rest of my collection and the previous posts. I really hope that Opeie continues to be into super heroes or these are just going to end up sealed in that crate until i get my own room for my toys.

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