Saturday 19 January 2013

"Of course you're not an elf. You're six-foot-three and had a beard since you were fifteen."

So it's day 2 of the snow filled fun. I woke up with Opeie early and we had cuddles on the sofa under the blanket and watched the usual Yo Gabba Gabba/Aquabats Super Show marathon while Mrs M and Seth were still asleep. Looking out the window it was obvious that i wasn't going to be doing the Saturday morning trip to Tae kwon do so i knew i could keep my Giraffe onesie on for a couple of extra hours.

Seth woke up around 7 and we pretty much played with the Lego until Mrs M woke up. Seth was itching to get outside but Opeie's teeth were giving him jip so Mrs M took Seth sledging and we stayed in the warm. Opeie started to feel a bit less groggy so i decided to get him ready to go in the garden

Again it seemed to take forever to get him ready and by the time we got into the garden Mrs M and Seth were just getting back. Seth stayed in the garden with us for a bit making perfectly round snowballs, sledging and writing our names in the snow but as he had already been out for a while he was cold and decided to go in.

Opeie was wrapped up nice and warm in snow trousers and his fancy pink wellies so he was good for a bit more snow fun, so next on our agenda was a snow man. It was Opeie's first snow man so i wanted it to be something fancy. Opeie loves playing with Lego minifigures, he will sit there for ages swapping the heads, bodies and giving them new hair and hats so i decided to make a snow minifigure...

I gave him a crash course in how to roll a body out in the snow and we was having lots of fun but unfortunately he started to get cold and wanted to go in and play with Seth. I decided to stay outside and make Opeie his Snowy Lego man. I did feel a little bad because the house was a bit of a mess but then how often does it snow?! 

It didn't take to long to make and ended up looking pretty good, the hardest part was the hands. The boys loved it and it's another nice thing for them to look back on. Hopefully the snow will still be here tomorrow and we can have yet another afternoon of snow fun.


Anonymous said...

That is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lego Lover UK said...

That is so amazing, i hope Lego have seen this?