Thursday 3 January 2013

"Water is the driving force of all nature."

a couple of times a week i am faced with a dilemma when getting in the bath after either Opeie or Seth have been in last. It's that moment when i walk into the bathroom and look in the bath to find it empty of water but filled with ball pit balls and enough bath toys to start my own water park. Do i spend the next 10 minutes taking everything out so i can have an obstacle free bath... or, does that all just seem like far to much effort so choose option two, just fill the bath up and spend my relaxing time in what resembles Pat Sharps fun house.

Well tonight was one of those nights and i chose the latter. Maybe it was out of laziness or maybe it was my childish side wanting to have a play with all the toys, ill let you decide. Once in the bath though i decided it would give me a great opportunity to find out what these bath time toys were all about.

I did love how colourful the bath was but there was nothing relaxing about being in there especially when the boys came in and started throwing the balls about trying to knock the letters down (i can see now why Mrs M closes the bathroom stair gate when she's having a bath).

The tub time turtle and the fishing net were great but for me it was all about the squirty toys because that's when i can make a mess of the bathroom, which I'm sure Mrs M wont be happy about when she goes in the bathroom next.

I know from the photo's it does look like i have a terrible aim but i did eventually wipe that smug grin off cookie monsters face. I couldn't bath like this all the time but it made my time in there a bit more fun. Ive got a few new toys that i haven't opened yet but rather than hog the limelight i think Opeie can have the next post. Were still desperately trying to get Opeie to enjoy his bath time.


snowingindoors said...

Fantastic post! The squirty octopus is shockingly powerful isn't it?! I really wish I hadn't let Annie squirt me in the face for it's inaugural squirt!!

Also Annie wanted to tell you that if you push it against your tummy it makes a, 'very funny noise', you can guess how we spent the last bath time ;) xx

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Thanks for the comment, well you can tell Annie from me that next time i am in the bath i will definitely try that. sounds like fun and yes the octopus is very powerful, great for knocking down that smug cookie monster xxx