Saturday 14 December 2013

Gifts from the Pirates in Orlando - Disney Hollywood studios

I didn't really know what to expect of Hollywood studios, apart from knowing that star tours was there I hadn't really looked in to what else was there. I prefer to just find out on arrival, i like exploring. Thanks to Visit Orlando, Hollywood studios was the first Disney park for us to visit during our stay in Orlando and I don't think we were prepared for the busyness.the Disney parks are so different to the others, when you are at them you kind if feel like everyone in Orlando has decided to flock to the same place, there are tourists everywhere. We arrived early and was guided to our parking spot, as with all the parks (it's a little annoying considering the cost of tickets) there is a charge for parking ($15). The car park is a bit of a trek but luckily there are shuttles that take you from car park to park which is really handy.

At the park the streets are brimming with happy faces. There are street performers using the streets like a stage and it really is a magical experience. 

First and foremost we had to go and find where it was that you meet Wreck it Ralph, Opeie had been going on about meeting him for months and he was so excited. For some reason I assumed that Wreck it Ralph was one of Disney's less popular characters and we would walk straight up to him for pics, classic school boy error. The wait was 45 minutes and if it had been anyone else I'd have said lets go, but it wasn't 'anyone' it was Wreck it Ralph so waited we did. The boys started to get a little irritated in the queue but that was soon forgotten when they finally got to Ralph and Vanellope...

After meeting them we noticed the queue for meeting Minnie Mouse was really short so she jumped up to next on our list. I loved the posters that were up where the queue was, Disney remakes of old films.

Seth really wanted to go to the Star Wars section of the park (and so did I secretly shhhh...) on the way there we walked past the Toy story ride which Opeie was desperate to get on but it was an 85 minute wait, the wait times for some of the rides are crazy and although I'd love to go on them, standing in a line for the best part of an hour and a half isn't my idea of fun. Before reaching star tours we noticed the arena for the stunt show which looked great so we made a note of the times and headed on our way (with shows and wait times etc its a good idea to plan your time there when you arrive). 

When we reached the Star wars ride we were greeted with another long queue (40mins but apparently this isnt a long wait time according to staff) but Seth was desperate to get on, Turned out we were only waiting 20 minutes which was a nice surprise. Opeie had dropped off at this point so me and Seth went ahead. We met a really nice chap in the queue who was telling us about the dark knight rises being filmed right by his work and how he got to watch the filming, it made the queuing go a lot quicker. The ride was great but Seth had got a taster for rides again and wanted to fully explore his new found love.

After the ride we met up with Mrs M who had sweet talked some fast passes for the Toy Story ride which was great (Its handy to know that these fast passes are available throughout the Disney parks so find the fast pass kiosks or chat with staff). Opeie was still flat out so we swapped children and Mrs M and Seth went on the Muppets 3d ride while I explored the area and took a few pictures .

Then the time had come for the stunt show. I didn't really think it was going to be my cup of tea but it was great. Seth really got into it, it was so well done. They explain how car stunts are done and what tricks and camera angles are used. They showed a few stunts fully explaining them all in detail and then at the end put them all together for a short movie scene it was so interesting. Mrs M got the new lens out again and got some fab shots of the action. There was a huge explosion at the end with flames and while all the children in the audience gasped or screamed, Opeie simply shouted YEEEAAAH!!!

The show was on for around half an hour (which flew by) and before we knew it we were making our way back out of the arena and heading off to the toy story ride. On the way we stopped for some photos with a Toy Story soldier. It's great at the parks that there are characters about to have your photos taken with if breaks up the sometimes lengthy walks between rides.

The Toy story ride was awesome and the boys really enjoyed it. I'm not sure I'd have felt the same had I have had to wait for 85 minutes to go on it though. The queuing was the one thing that really let the park down, i know it cant be helped, it is Disney after all but as i have said before for me, queuing for ridiculous times just takes the fun out of being there. Mrs M really wanted to go on the Aerosmith ride but again the queue was crazy so she decided against it.

The busyness and queuing eventually got the better of us so we left the park and headed over to Epcot (which i will write about very soon). It was a great afternoon at Hollywood studios and we didnt hear the end of meeting Wreck it Ralph so it was worth it just for that.


Rebecca Beesley said...

am jealous of the muppets ride - i used to adore miss piggy as a kid. x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

I'll be honest I'm not a big muppets fan but Seth loved the ride. it was a great day for the boys xx