Thursday 12 December 2013

“When I give, I give myself”

Seth has made me so proud this Christmas in fact both our boys have proved once again how thoughtful and kind they are and overall how much they love each other. The week we came back from our holiday we brought up the subject of this years letter to Santa. Now Seth knows what a good boy he is, there's no fear of ever being on the naughty list so he would be well within his right to request anything, this is Santa we are talking about after all. That night he disappeared to his bedroom and returned with this...

'Dear santa claws pleas cud you bring homeless children some presents and pleas cud I have a sprise. Thank you'

I could have cried when reading it. Seth proceeded to explain that he didn't really need anything this year and he would like some things to go to people that really need it, he really is one of a kind. Of course we had planned to help out people less fortunate than us as we always do but more so now for Seth's very kind request. His selflessness didn't stop there though. Seth had made it quite clear that there was a specific present that he would like to buy for Opeie, we explained that it may take Seth some time to save for it, but Seth said he wanted to save his pocket money and do whatever he needed to make sure his special little brother got this special gift. So over the last week we have been clearing Seth's room of unwanted toys and selling them on so that he would have the money for his Christmas gift. 

Today was the day that we finally made the £40 that he needed after selling his unwanted things and also a few nights back helping Mrs M to part with £5 for a bulk payment of smoochies. That never works for me! One of the great things about this situation is that it has taught Seth that items such as these don't come easily, it has taught him a valuable lesson in the value of money and what it takes to get what you want. A lesson that i think would be beneficial to all children. He couldn't wait to go to the shops so after tea  I said I'd take him. Seth looked so chuffed as he paid the shop assistant and i assume he will be even happier when he sees the happiness on Opeie's face.

It seems that Opeie too has taken on his brothers kind nature too, today i sold some of Seth's unwanted books to one of the moms at the school. I handed her her £1 change and she kindly handed it to Opeie and said this is for you, he looked so excited and couldn't wait to show Seth and Mrs M. When i asked him what he wanted to spend his money on he simply replied 'Christmas present for Seth'.

It seems we are bringing the boys up just right. great morals and a sense of selflessness that you don't see a lot in children these days. I'll say it again, I'm so very proud of the way they are turning out and i am very smitten by my two Special boys.

Part of the story may have resulted in the purchase of an item but the words of Dr. Seuss are permanently etched in to our family's ethos...

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