Sunday 15 December 2013

Gifts from thePirates in Orlando - Competition winner(s)

Okay so i know that I'm a day behind, my bad, but its what happens when your days are taken up with none stop running about, playing and generally making sure that the boys are having an amazing time. I thought that the only fair way to pick a winner is to let that 2 year old angel of ours do it. So the names went in to a hat and the winner is Emma Kinsley, well done Emma. I will contact you shortly and thank you for the lovely email you sent last week.

Opeie clearly enjoyed being clapped and cheered pulling out a piece of paper and showing it to us and got a bit 'winner happy'. So because he pulled out two extra names (and because i have an abundance of chocolate left) i will be sending two runners up prizes to Nik Nak and Molly Kay and i think you both made it quite clear in your comments what you would like.

Thank you everyone who took part its nice to be able to share the goodies that we brought back, plus it means that my waistline should stay roughly the same for another week of so. Merry Christmas guys xx

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