Monday 2 December 2013

Gifts from the Pirates in Orlando - Meeting Wreck it Ralph

Opeie is a little to young to understand the concept of a holiday, that didn't stop him getting extremely excited though. On the build up to going he sat with Seth and watched many videos on YouTube about the attractions. Other than the Seuss live show which I have mentioned in my Seuss Landing post the big thing that was fuelling Opeie's excitement (whether he understood it or not) was nine words that we heard every day without fail "were going to meet Wreck it Ralph on holiday!". Opeie loves Wreck it Ralph and when he saw a Youtube video of someone meeting him he was hooked.

So thanks to Visit Orlando on the morning of visiting Disney Hollywood Studios (which I will write about soon) we knew exactly where we were heading first. I didn't expect there to be much of a queue, how naive was I (everywhere in the Disney parks you queue). After 40 minutes of queuing we made it and Opeie was a happy little chap. Being able to meet the characters at the park is so magical for the kids. Although Seth is a pretty serious child it was good to see him as excited, making us realise he's still and will always be our little boy.

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