Wednesday 19 February 2014

"How stylish of you to joust in an antique, you'll start a new fashion if you win. My grandfather will be able to wear his in public again, and a shield, how quaint. "

The four of us spend plenty of our time reminiscing about the holiday we had back in November. There was so much fun crammed into our two weeks in Orlando and its something we will never forget. For each of us the things that we look back on are different but the two younger members of our family were changed by one Knight out!

Knights, castles and all things medieval have been on the forefront of our play time over the last few months. The boys love a good rumble especially if it means loading ourselves up with an armoury of weapons to use during battle. There's nothing wrong with a bit of play fighting as long as everyone's safe and watching what they are doing. Role playing is a big part of our playtime and when we are play fighting you can be sure that i will always be the bad guy and have to defend myself against miniature foes. 

Thanks to the youngest of our army can now relive his Medieval experience any time he feels, donning the finest in battle attire. The Haba Henry the Knights Armor is a colourful attention grabbing take on a knights dress up, making Role playing from days of old a fun and comfortable experience.

Since receiving the outfit our little warrior has wanted to play knights every day, and who could blame him. Nothing screams 'brawler' more than a big green dragon on your chest breathing fire. Unless you have a sword, shield or other accessory (which luckily we had) you may want to consider buying the accessories that come from the Haba Knight range. The one thing i found disappointing about the outfit is that each part is sold seperately. I think when you are purchasing the Armour it should come with the helmet and one of the accessories as it would seem a little lost on its own. Needless to say though, our armor wearing, sword swinging play fighter has not wanted to take it off and this weeks theme at Opeie's dance class was dress up so you can image what he wanted to wear.

now that its half term i think i can feel a knights helmet craft session on the horizon to compliment our new outfit so stay tuned.

The Henry Haba Knights armor can be purchased from along with the other great items from the Haba knight range and with world book day just around the corner what better way to celebrate than marching round the playground as Prince Caspian or a member of Prince Johns army from Robin hood.

All that's left to do now is fight....


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Rebecca Beesley said...

what a fabulous dressing up outfit!