Thursday 6 February 2014

"Pink it's like red but not quite And I think everything is going to be all right"

Its always been important to us as a family to make sure that colours are not viewed as gender specific. The ridiculous comments i have heard from other parents in the past regarding what their children wear still shock me to this day. We had an issue with Seth making 'Pink' related comments until he started school but after the first month he was can to his open minded self telling us that the colour snobs at school were 'silly'. We are firm believers in giving Opeie the overall decision to things that we buy when we are out shopping as we did with Seth.

When you have boys there seems to be some serious stigma around including 'Pink' into their daily life, which is exactly how we make sure it viewed like any other colour. Being a creative and quite artist family we don't want colours avoided just because they are not deemed as macho. Its a bit of a long introduction i know but when i was asks by Oxotot to review some more of their products and was asked if i wanted then in green like our previous products i chose Raspberry instead. 

Since the moment we used an Oxotot product during Opeie's dining we've not really used anything else since. We've not needed to! The products are so versatile that they tend to go everywhere with us. The product design is simple yet inventive and the fact that they are BPA, phthalate and PVC free means that as worrying parents we can relax a little.

First up the Oxotot Snack Disk:

This product has been perfect for taking food with us when we are venturing out. We usually use it for fresh fruit, strawberries, cherries and grapes etc. The size of the container is perfect for Opeie's little hands  and the curve shape is great for minimizing any spillages. One of the things i love about this product is that although it is white there has been no staining from having dark red fruits in. We've also used it for pasta in a tomato sauce on many occasions and still no staining. The lid on the Snack Disk clicks in solidly and there is no chance of unwanted mess while transporting it about.

Oxotot Divided Plate:

A while back we reviewed the Oxotot Training Plate which is another fantastic product and this item aside from being bigger is pretty similar. The divided plate as stated in the name is divided in to perfect sized portions sections and has been great for seperating Opeie's wet from dry foods. The detachable curved ring is a genius addition to this product and is perfect for keeping in any mess (or limiting it at least). The center section for dipping sauces has been great for adding humous in to Opeie's meals.

The Flippy Snack Cup:

One of the newer products from the Oxotot range. We had a similar product a while back when Opeie was first attempting finger foods but as his little hands grew it became increasingly more difficult to get at the snacks inside. The Flippy Snack Cup is great for dry snacks at home and on the go. Because Opeie doesn't eat meat, dairy or Soya these things are replaced by a variety of nuts and seed to get protein, good fats and  amino acids into his diet. This product has been great for making sure these don't go all over the places during snack time. As with all of the Oxotot products the softer rubber base is none slip and a perfect deterrent from plates and bowls flying across tables.

Here he is donning one of the pink tops he chose himself!

The great design and simple yet well thought out colour scheme is what originally drew me in to the Oxotot range. Its a finer and more classy way of children's dining.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

Your other OXO Tot products looked great - and these do too! I'm totally with you on the 'pink' thing - My boys have always had pink toys and dolls, dolls houses, play kitchens and prams all in pink. It was never an issue for them until a friend of theirs (who was older than them and had started school said 'urgh pink - that's for girls!' but we just explained that pink is for boys and girls just as blue is also for boys and girls. It is funny seeing how Miss T is though as she naturally seems to adore pink - we never deliberately made her like pink, she just does!