Sunday 2 February 2014

Seths Laboratory - Kidz labs - 4m - Green Science- Soda Can Robug from The Toadstool: Review plus competition

 Its no secret that weve been going a little science mad recently, since Seth seems so interested in it we have fully embraced the transformation of his bedroom into his very own lab. Rather than an experiment today we are mad scientists and teamed up to create a Robug that we could use to take care of all our evil doing. The Kidz labs- Green Science- Soda Can Robug at first glance looks like a very interesting kit and we couldn't wait to start building.

All you need to add that isnt provided is 2x AAA batteries and a drinks can. Firstly (and very important) in no way do i endorse the can i used. We don't drink soft drinks and don't think that any children should drink this so the can was taken from our neighbours recycling. I did debate wrapping the can in tape but i wasn't sure if it would affect the vibrating once finished. That said, i can continue haha.

What i loved about this from the get go was that i had Seth's full concentration. I love most toys but things like the Green Science range have Seth a lot more interested than an actual toy. There is an end result from what we are doing and for Seth's age group it keeps them motivated.

 If like Seth, your child is in to tinkering then these kits are perfect. The fact that Seth got to use an electric screwdriver was really exciting and as the pieces were put together you could see that Seth really felt like he was accomplishing something which was fantastic. Despite Seth's limited muscle movement on his hands he didn't need much help building this, all he needed me for is to hold the screws in place while he tightened them, again only adding to his confidence.

 When we opened the box (even though there's not a huge amount of parts), Seth assumed that the build was going to take us some time but within 15 minutes the Robug was starting to take shape. Seth being the impatient child that he is (aren't they all), kept asking "is it time to put the can in yet?"

 Eventually it was that time. Seth was really chuffed with his creation and what he had achieved but we felt like it was missing a little something so we went looking through the boys craft box and found some googly eyes. Our Robug, created to take care of our evil doings ended up looking far to cute for any of that sort of business...

And the other robots didn't like that at all!

Building our own Soda can robot was a lot of fun and Seth said that he wished he had other things to create so watch this space. It wasn't until after we had built this and i had written the review that i noticed the price. I expected the price to be closer to the £20 mark so was pleasantly surprise. At £9.99 it really is a must for keeping your tinkering child entertained.

The green Science Robug can be purchased from along with other great kits from the Green Science range.

Competition time:

As part of this review The toadstool are giving two lucky winners the chance to win this kit or a Green Science kit of their choice. So be sure to enter to get your hands on one of these great kits

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Glad he liked it so much!

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I love the science kits, the brush robot is especially cute! :)

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