Wednesday 26 February 2014

"Constant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship."

Poor Opeie has been feeling grotty for a week now. He very rarely gets ill and this has been the first time that he's ever had to see a doctor so we knew it must be bad. His sleep routine is all over the place, he's been napping 3 times during the day which means he's been up till late most evenings. Because of all the sleeping and his general fatigue we haven't done a lot aside from cuddling and lounging around (no complaining from me though i love cuddles with my boy).

As I've had a bit of unexpected time on my hands during the day and have been fairly good at keeping up with the washing and housework, I have taken full advantage by playing with my new toy (yes I'm a big kid). It turns out the Nintendo 3ds is so much more than a cartridge playing console. I had clicked on the StreetPass Mii Plaza a few times over the last week but was greeted by 'there doesn't seem to be anybody in your plaza' or words to that effect. Basically a gaming loser!! 

Story of my life. So with my spare time since yesterday I've been finding out more about it. First you need your Mii Maker to create your personal avatar, which you will have gone through when first switching on your console after purchase.

It has become tradition that when there is a new Nintendo console introduced into the house we all have to have Mii characters made, having a bald head, beard and glasses means i can get a pretty accurate and rather dashing avatar...

Once you have created your Mii character and have sorted your internet settings you're ready to head over to the StreetPass Mii Plaza. As I said, I had a little look prior to this but was told I was basically a Billy no mates. I couldn't play any of the games because... Well I had no one to play with.

To get friends on your Mii Plaza you physically need to go out looking for them, which if I'm honest seemed a little insane but then 'don't knock it until you have tried it' has been a moto that has worked out 9 times out of ten for me in the past (that one time jumping off a garage roof on my BMX was a bad choice but at least I tried it). To prepare yourself for a Nintendo friend hunt expedition all you need to do is keep your console switched on, close the lid make sure the wireless button is on (yellow light) or slide the sleep switch if it's a 2ds, pop it in your pocket and go out walking, preferably somewhere busy. I wouldn't fancy your chances of befriending anyone while out rambling.

My first thoughts were 'this is crazy who goes out walking around with their console on looking for friends?' But then... I was walking round with my console on looking for friends!! So I answered my own question. I only popped to the shops to get Seth some new school shoes and by the time I got home my green light was lit indicating I was no longer alone in the Nintendo avatar world, Lizbee was my new friend. What I love about this is it's perfectly safe for children, there's no personal details only a nickname and there is no live interaction, no messaging the person or chatting at all. Your literally just collecting Mii characters to play with in your Plaza. Seth is gong to love this when i explain it to him

One friend doesn't seem like much but then I wasn't expecting any so a great friend hunt in fair. I was intrigued and found it a little addictive. We popped out yesterday and again I took my 3ds with us. We were out a little longer that afternoon and when we returned, green light again. This time though my 3ds had interacted with 10 others who were added to my plaza...

There are puzzles and games to complete using your new found friends, One is a series of jigsaw puzzles where you collect a piece off every Mii you interact with while out and they do the same with the pieces you already have, another where you use your new friends to battle ghosts in hope of rescuing you from your prison. In not sure what happens when these are completed but I'm interested to find out. There are also other games available to buy in the Nintendo store through your console which i will buy over the next few weeks.

There is so much more going on with this console and if it's going to be a few more quiet days in then I will be fully taking advantage until it's back to my usual busy days. Until then, if you own a console from the 3ds family and see me out and about walk past and give me a big Nintendo 'hello'.

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