Wednesday 21 May 2014

"The final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands."

Unboxing and switching on a new Nintendo console is a very exciting thing, even more so when it's a console for the boys. They love their technology in the house and I think it's really important that they familiarise themselves with current technology and software, it's the way the world is going at the moment and although we love getting out into nature, going on adventures and building bases I don't want them to get left behind.

Opeie's new 2DS being delivered last week reminded me again of one of the things we love doing the most, creating our Mii characters. Long gone are the days where your console was oscolete if you didn't own a game. With the 3ds/2ds you could happily entertain yourself for weeks with the software installed, not to mention Streetpass where you can connect with other gamers in the street. But before you can take advantage of this great software you need to create your avatar...

Everything about the console is self explanatory and really simple to use, Opeie is 3 and can navigate his way around it with no problem at all. once you click on the Mii Maker app you are taken through all the steps you need to make a cute avatar of yourself or a crazy little character to use while playing.

One of the things i love most about having a Mii character on your console is that it makes the console a little more personal. If you're a bald headed, bearded glasses wearer like me then making a life like Mii is pretty easy but if you don't have real stand out features then there is a great amount of characteristics to chose from including hairstyles, makeup and a variety of facial contouring. Some times me and the boys like to just sit and make random people.

You can get pretty creative with your characters too as you are able to change the size of the features and move them around the face. When you are done you can create a personal message for your Mii for connecting with other gamers. I find the lack of characters in the greeting frustrating but i am also thankful of it as its extra security as a parent knowing that you couldn't really use it for having conversations with gamers you don't know.

 If you don't want to start from scratch with your character then there is the option of starting your Mii off from a photo of yourself. you take the photo and the console maps your face and gives you a  starting block for your character customisation. Its fun to see what the console takes from your picture...

And then you just add your own features, simple.

 yes i realise i look like a convict!

And there you have it, once your Mii is complete its time to take full advantage of the software provided, get out there and collect some Mii's to use for the streetpass games, battle ghosts, search haunted mansions and collect picture tiles to unlock gifts for your Mii character like Mario, Kirby and Pikmin hats. Its so addictive once you get in to it and you will be surprised home many Mii's you pick up just wandering around a town centre. If there's more than one console in the house then you can connect with each other once a day which is great for an extra bit of family bonding.

Time for me to go, Opeie has got himself trapped in that dam cage again and needs saving...

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Rebecca Beesley said...

love your 'mii's'. The boys in our family have been having fun with making the miis too. i'll have to give it a try when i get a spare moment. x