Tuesday 9 June 2015

"Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations."

A weekend away in London is always sure to put a spring in my step. Spending quality family time with my three favourite people is priceless. Getting to see our friends Sam and Jamie on top of that really adds to the excitement. Throw in a LEGO event and I definitely needed to pack an extra pair of pants. This Friday sees the release of the much anticipated LEGO Jurassic world and we were privileged to get a chance to play the game before it hits the stores. In preparation for the event and in keeping with the Golden brickies I decided to accessorise and make a fitting dinosaur themed iPhone case to accompany us.

Opeie is such a cutie, when he saw the phone case he decided that he needed an accessory too and started work on a miniature matching dinosaur case (he really is a mini me).

We travelled up to London after picking Seth up straight from school, well I say 'straight from' but realising we had run out of cat food 5 minutes before leaving and an incident that ended in Mrs M chasing a DHL man down the street held us back slightly. Our 3:30 departure became a 5pm departure but then that seems to be us down to a Tee. 

On Saturday morning after a fantastic meal with our friends the night before, the boys slipped in to their Jurassic world T-shirts and we headed out on our search for LEGO dinosaurs. The weather was lush and everyone was in a great mood, just the way I love my weekends.

The boys love travelling around on the tube so for them the prospect of hopping from tube to tube with the added bonus of Lego activities at the other end was the perfect day.

We seemed to be wandering around Hyde park for quite sometime before spotting an entrance surrounded by dinosaur bones and a security guy that clearly wanted in on the blogging action.

Since going to the Golden brickies last year I can't get enough of these LEGO events. I love to see the huge LEGO creations and they are always filled with the nicest people. The guys from Warner Bros were a great bunch and made everyone feel like part of the event.

We were there for the game and me and Seth couldn't wait to get stuck in. We've played all of the LEGO games over the years. They will always be a little special to us as the first game we got into was LEGO Star Wars and we played most days on the hospital grounds between visiting hours while Mrs M was very unwell in hospital when we were waiting for Opeie to come along. It was an awful time for everyone but that LEGO game really took our mind off the seriousness of the situation.

 The event was lots of fun and we met some really interesting people. Its great to be in a place where everyone has the same interests and ill never get bored of talking about LEGO. It was so interesting to find out that when people asked what sort of things we build and we mentioned the Christmas Death star most people had seen it.

 The boys loved hearing the presentation from TT games, Seth is always asking questions about how games are made and being able to hear lots of information from one of the games designers was really interesting for him. The presentation was followed by a LEGO dinosaur egg hunt which had us running around the grounds searching for eggs hoping to win some Jurassic world prizes. Opeie found an Egg and Seth was so close to the big prize but sadly someone got there before him, it was all a lot of fun though.

 As i mentioned before networking really makes these events and we talked to some really great people. The day has also made us realise how much we need to add this game to our collection to continue the great bonding session i get with the boys while playing. Gaming is really important in our house as we use it for Seth's down time while he is having his physio.

Arriving in London late on Friday night and all the excitement of the event eventually started to catch up with the boys and Opeie got sleepy and quite tearful, bless him. So we said our goodbyes and headed back into central London.

Writing the blog has opened up so many opportunities over the years and these LEGO events are definitely something that appeals to mine and the boys geeky side.

LEGO Jurassic world is released this Friday and we can't recommend it enough if only for
paleontologists diving in piles of Dino droppings, Check it out.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

Your boys are looking so grown up now. Love those dino phone cases. Glad you had such a fab day. That security guard photo made me giggle - I thought it was a photo of a celebrity at first the way he's posing! x