Thursday 18 June 2015

"Open the door, get on the floor. Everybody walk the dinosaur"

 After attending the Jurassic World game event a few weeks back i couldn't wait to start getting my hands on the kits. Kit 75918 T. rex Tracker was the the one that caught Seth's eye and it came up in conversation many times over the course of the weekend. I love the sun being out as it means we get to build outdoors, very fitting for this dino build. I think the dinosaurs themselves are great and I'm really looking forward to eventually getting my hands on all of them.

The T. rex tracker is one of the larger sets from the range and the sheer size of the truck alone makes it well worth the money, so the big T. rex and three minifigures included are a real bonus. With 520 parts in the kit it did take the boys sometime to build but the look of satisfaction on their faces when they had finished was priceless.

Cue, Dino faces!!

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