Monday 1 June 2015

"Friendship is a sheltering tree"

Not far from where we live there is a lovely place called Apley woods, Since meeting up with our friend Lucie there a while back on her recommendation it seems to be the place we go when we have no other place to go. With the weather picking up a little we've been making the most of the bike trailer and have been adventuring about, stopping off quite a few times at Apley.

Opeie loves riding through the woods especially since we realised the first time we went that its safer to have the netting down after i covered him with bark and soil, oops. As we whizz through the woods though he always asks me to stop at the same spot, so we park up and get out our bag full of tricks ready for some woodland fun.

I don't know what it is about this big old tree that draws Opeie in but once there he doesn't want to leave.  We always pack toys, reading books and a sketch book with pens. Everything else we need for our fun can be found around us. Hanging out with Opeie is so amazing, his imagination and curious nature is so addictive and i can't get enough of it. Conversation is ALWAYS interesting although a little jibberish at times but he really knows how to make me chuckle.

Sword fighting with sticks will usually take up a huge chunk of our visit, but my favourite thing to do wherever we are is to sit outdoors and read. Reading plays a huge part in everything we do and there's nothing quite like sitting against a tree with my favourite person while taking in some children's literature.

Opeie comes up with some fun games every time we visit, my favourite to date though is woodland baseball, find a stick, collect some pine cones and you have a game all you need to do then is to step up to the plate. I feel so lucky every day that this is my life now, Mrs M's drive to build on her career and do everything she can to take care of us is the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me (after helping me bring this little cutie in to the world anyway).

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