Sunday 21 June 2015

"Pussycat, Pussycat I love you, Yes, I do! You and your pussycat nose!"

The term crazy cat lady came up quite a bit before Polly became a part of our family. Mrs M would regularly harp on about getting a cat and send me random cat videos when she was online. I was never that interested in being a cat owner but that all changed when Polly arrived. Thankfully Mrs M hasn't gone down the crazy cat lady path but it was touch and go for a while. We do however know another crazy cat lady who has become a great friend and when you combine having her in your life, Polly curled up at the end of your bed and this piece of stretchy rubber from Micro scooters, what comes out the other end is a crazy cat boy (on wheels)...

The Micro scooter Attach-its are a great little accessory which give my little scooter enthusiast the chance to attach pretty much anything of child size. A drinks bottle, favourite cuddly toy maybe? Or in Opeie's case a crazy collection of cats. We've had some looks scooting around Telford with our small army of cats and I've loved Opeie's happy little face taking care of his furry friends.

We've reached our limit on the amount of cats the Attach-it can hold but they come in packs of two (one large one small) so we'll soon be finding space for Opeie's other feline companions. If that fails and the cats keep coming we may have to move on to a Micro Scooter bottle holder (I think we can get at least three in one of those). Meow!

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