Tuesday 16 June 2015

"Maybe this is exactly where I am supposed to be right now. Maybe this, right now, is making me a better person."

Well i finally took myself out of my comfort zone and attended a blog event on my own (which until now has been unheard of). No Mrs M bigging me up to people and no adorable boys breaking the ice with their awesomeness. Last week i was invited by Netflix to the launch party for Orange is the new Black season 3 in London and after battling with my insecurities i decided to just bite the bullet and go. I know that probably sounds a little crazy but I've not really been away from Opeie since he came along and that on its own was almost enough to keep me home but i know i need to do these things and of course, i love the show.

The 4 hour drive there was fine and after 45 minutes driving around Waterloo i managed to find somewhere to park, It was time to party. I was so nervous about walking in but luckily i was greeted at the door when my name was heard, having an obscure name always works out well for me because people never seem to forget it.

The venue was kitted out like Litchfield penitentiary with some of Litchfields finest inmates in orange jump suits handing out drinks and canapes. Before i could get in though i needed a mugshot. I was probably the hairiest inmate in there.

Thankfully as expected my phone did all the hard work of breaking the ice for me and within minutes of being in the place people were snapping away, phew! I know hiding behind a chunk of LEGO seems insane but without this in your face accessory i find initiating conversation difficult.

That said though this event really helped me to come out of myself a little and when all the photos had stopped and people had moved on i found myself standing on my own. 'Cue phone call from Mrs M' Who always knows what to say to me to give me that little bit of extra confidence. She believes in and promotes what i do so much more than i do. After the phone call i just walked up to the two friendliest people i could find and said hi (and clearly i am a great judge of character). AK (My Buggy Junction) and Lauren (Mummy is a Gadget Geek) turned out to be the best of company and really made my long journey down to London.

After chatting and finding out about each others blogs we got to watch the first two episodes of OITNB season 3 before tbeing aired the following night. I was late to the Orange is the new black party and was introduced to the show by my friend Chris when series two came out. I was hooked by the first episode and me and Mrs M ploughed through both seasons so it was really exciting to now be a part of the UK launch party.

Being at the event and watching the episodes seemed to fly by and before i knew it it was time for me to make the lengthy drive back to Shropshire. Being out of my comfort zone really paid off, i had a great time and i felt privileged to be a part of it. Most importantly it made me realise that there are other great bloggers out there to chat too and maybe being the blogging hermit that i am a lot of the time isn't always the best way to be so thanks girls.

Orange is the New Black series 3 is showing on Netflix now and although i am only 4 episodes in i know this is going to be another great series. Put your feet up and go and watch some great TV.

P.S I couldnt wait to get back to this little cutie!

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