Thursday 31 March 2016

“'Pipe a song about a Lamb!' / So I piped with merry cheer.”

You've got to love the look of pure satisfaction on someones face when they tick something off of their bucket list. I asked Mrs M earlier if she wanted to go for a walk to break up her work day and It really did just that. We're lucky to live next to a huge amount of farm land and with so much greenery on our doorstep, we try and make the most of it as much as we can. 

Mrs M being a HUGE sheep enthusiast stopped to watch the lambs bouncing around one of the fields and then we continued to the surrounding woodland area where we had a wander before heading home. As we passed the other side of the field where Mrs M had been watching the lambs she noticed a farmers truck unloading sheep and lambs into the field and Ive never seen her move so quick, "come on, I might get to hold a Lamb". Me and Opeie couldn't keep up and Mrs M's power walking soon turned to actual running (Mrs M runs for no one!).

When we finally caught up with her she was chatting to the farmer and he told her that he would be bringing more in 10 minutes so naturally we had to wait. When the farmer returned and handed her a lamb to hold I saw the sort of happiness that I didn't even see when I popped that special question.

An unexpected afternoon stroll ending in sheep cuddles, I love living in Shropshire.

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