Tuesday 15 March 2016

"THERE WAS SOMETHING odd about the tour guide. She was tall, with long hair, and she seemed to know a lot about Chinese history - as she should, working in a museum. But as Steven Lee listened to her, he couldn't shake the feeling that she wasn't quite what she seemed."

I never did enjoy school trips when I was younger, but for Steven, his school trip to 'The New China Heritage Museum' would change his life forever when he decides to act on his hero like tendencies and follow the unnerving screams from a museum door and an intriguing tour guide named Jumanne acting very out of character. Steven follows the screams down a creepy staircase to an underground cave filled with mysterious pools,

Here he sees a man floating above the pools who is addressed by three scientists as Maxwell. The underground pools contain powers connected to the Chinese zodiac and Maxwell and his army 'The Vanguard' are attempting to consume the powers of all 12 zodiac signs. Had Steven stumbled on this place by chance? or had fate brought him there? and was there anything behind the nickname his grandad had given him growing up "little Tiger".

While saving the Museum tour guide (who he finds out is actually named Jasmine). he unexpectedly consumes the power of the Tiger giving him increased strength and the reflexes and agility of the wild cat. Steven manages to escape the capture set in motion by Maxwell and his army and his world is completely turned around when he joins Jasmine and Zodiac expert Carlos in attempting to stop the vanguard, an evil organisation desperate for the powers of the zodiac.

Growing up with Stan Lee's amazing stories over the years I have connected with so many of his characters. I'm a super hero fan through and through and his amazing writing style, taking people with super human powers who can scale buildings, lift tanks and fly around in iron suits while having to deal with all the real life issues that we all deal with makes him stand out well above the rest. His latest venture 'The Zodiac Legacy - CONVERGENCE' continues this moreish style of writing that gets me hooked every time. I'm only half way through the book but I'm eager to read more and that's the kind of book I want to be reading. As with any book, if it doesn't grab my full attention in at least 5 pages then the book isn't getting read.

If the excitement of a new Stan Lee book isn't excitement enough, it's only signed by the man himself isn't it!!! aaaaggggggghhhhhh!!!! Geek overload!

Convergence, written by Stan Lee and Stuart Moore with art by Andie Tong is the first book in The Zodiac Legacy series and i cant wait to get stuck into the next installment.


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