Tuesday 1 March 2016

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

As a stay at home dad/blogger it can be really difficult sometimes to review a product if I need to be in the photo myself. If these rare times crop up I have to rely on Mrs M to be about because she is the only person I know will get the shots right. There's not a lot of chance of that midweek because she's hard at work and the weekends are usually so crammed full of fun activities. This weekend though we got the chance to head out in the sunshine to get pictures of the thing that is bringing me so much entertainment with the boys at the moment.

Back in December I came home to a surprise package, beautifully wrapped and screaming 'OPEN ME!'. It wasn't quite Christmas but I thought What the heck, (I always was a bit of a rebel). I had mentioned in a post last year that I was really intrigued by the Micro Scooters Pedalflow and after removing the ribbon, there staring up at me was a new toy, Christmas really had come early. When you see the scooter I think its impossible to not be intrigued. The Pedalflow looks so much fun and once you've got over the initial few seconds while you try and adapt to a completely different style of scooting it really doesn't disappoint. You wouldn't believe how many strangers have had a go on this after seeing me pedaling around.

So yesterday we planned to take the scooters down to Ironbridge for a family scoot and as we were just scooting away from the car to head towards the park we spotted Auntie Lottie walking towards us. Shes always up for a spot of adventure and luckily there was a spare set of wheels in the boot for such a scooting adventure, so the five of us made our way towards the park.

With large chunky air filled tyres and a much more beefy frame than any of their other scooters, the Pedalflow would seem like it would be weighty and harder to manoeuvre but once you get going and pick up some momentum this thing is AWESOME. I love using the Suspension scooter everywhere we go and it is great if it needs to be folded and carried about. The Pedalflow is nowhere near as easy to move about but for shorter journeys and for attempting crazy tricks on, this scooter is the best. When I was younger It was all about my BMX (which I took everywhere). The Pealflow gives me that same kind of feeling and is great for jumping of curbs and low walls (don't tell MRS M though, I'll get told off).

This scooter is a head turner and when I am out and about on it, it gets people talking. As I said before I have been stopped many times for people to ask questions and Ive let more random people give it a try than I can remember, a true attention grabber. As expected Auntie Lottie couldn't wait to give it a try, I personally wouldn't attempt riding this in heals (although with by beard I may pull it off) but she threw caution to the wind and jumped on. The only negative about this scooter (pointed out by Lottie too) is that it is difficult to get up a hill if you are starting from a stationary position, but then if you are the scooting equivalent of a boy racer like me you hit that hill with avengeance.

The Pedalflow could be a great addition to physical training or weight loss. In the words of Micro themselves "Riding the Pedalflow will strengthen your thighs, glutes and hamstring muscles. In addition the abdominal and spinal erector muscles act as stabilisers promoting core strength." I can honstley speak from experience that a good session ridding on this makes you feel like you've had an all over workout, which is great.

This pedalled beauty may be heavier and a little more clumpy than all of the other scooters from Micro but it still folds down and fits perfectly in the boot. Adding to all of the other positives that this scooter has to offer.

The pedalflow is not by any means perfect for long distance commutes or lugging around by hand (I'll be putitng that to the test around London soon though) but personally for me so far this is the most fun scooter we own.

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