Tuesday 15 March 2016

"The power of imagination makes us infinite"

We've been out a lot over the last few months visiting different places and adventuring. Sometimes I feel like we don't spend as much time at home as we should. The evenings are our down time though and that's when we do most of our gaming. There has been a few games keeping Seth occupied during his gaming time recently but for Opeie there is only one he is interested in playing.

Disney infinity 3.0 has got to be the most played game in our home and with the enormous selection of Disney characters to choose from spanning over decades of those movies we all love in some way, I can definitely see the appeal.

After buying Opeie the inside out level pack he was even more hooked and eager to get his hands on the remaining three characters. Since Christmas though I have been more aware of the amount of cool stuff that the boys receive through the blog and I don't want them to forget what is important, so we have set up games and tasks and Opeie had to earn them through fun tasks and activities. The great thing about this was that not only did he get something that he really wanted but that he was full of pride for achieving each one, Go Opeie!

Disgust, Anger and Sadness are a great addition to the Inside out levels. With each character having a different ability or skill, having the other characters to play with makes progressing through the levels that little bit smoother.

Disney Infinity is going to be about for some time, that's clear! It's lovely to have something that me and Opeie can sit and play together and I really believe that our co-op strategic playing together adds another level to our awesome relationship. Since earning these too Opeie was bought the recent Hulkbuster character on a shopping trip with Nanny Roo too which is one of my favourites to play with. With Opeie's birthday just around the corner he now has his eyes on Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on Vision and Ant-man, Awesome!!!

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