Thursday 17 March 2016

"The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability."

I always title my posts with a quote and as lovely as that one is we also need to feel like our possessions are safe and secure. Home security is so important with us going away sporadically throughout the year. It is really important for me to put my mind at ease as best I can because although usually I'm a real laid back chap, when it does come to being away from home I always worry about what could happen while we are not there. I get that sinking feeling in my stomach as we pull in to our road on our return and as we get closer to the house my over active imagination will envision coming home to the front door being wide open or even worse a pile of ash where the house used to be.

There are many things you can do to deter unpleasant things happening while you away from your home. It wasn't until recently though that I was introduced to LightwaveRF and was blown away by what is possible for home security these days. I wouldn't class myself as a cliche bloke at all, if anything, when it comes to anything techy its Mrs M that shows more interest, these products and the fact that you can control them using your phone from anywhere though had me hooked.

I remember going away a few years back and placing those old plug in timers in to the sockets with a lamp plugged in to them to deter any possible unwanted attention around the home and give the impression that there is someone home. Which at the time did what it needed to do but what concerned me though is that if someone was watching the house they would realise that the same light went on and off at the same time every night. For an opportunistic robbery great, but useless in stopping someone who knows what they are doing.

Once you have installed the LigtwaveRF Wifi Link to your phone or other device, which is really simple to do you have a central hub to any of their other great products that you chose to use to keep your home safe. This week I changed over one of the plug sockets for the LightwaveRF 2 Gang 13A Socket. Which again was very simple to do and can be done by any one with knowledge of household electrics (Just remember to shut down the power to your sockets). Once the product is installed (as with all of their products that connect to the Wifi Link), you can then download the app and connect your added devices to the app. They really couldnt make the connection process any clearer it takes a minute (if that) to have your device up and running.

The app lets you set up different rooms in the house and give nicknames to your devices like upstairs landing lamp for example. What I love about these devices is the peace of mind you get from knowing that at any point in the day while you are away, using your phone you can switch on a radio, TV, or lamp etc giving the impression that someone is home, which for a worrier like me means a lot.

LightwaveRF have given me back my confidence for going away and hopefully the next time we are away I wont have that unnerving feeling in my stomach as I approach the house.

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