Wednesday 1 May 2013

"After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb."

After dropping Mrs M off at the gym earlier we had an hour to kill before picking her up. I had noticed somewhere that looked like a hillside walk a few days back while driving and had no idea what it was so we headed there for a little walk. We walked a bit of the way up and stopped and asked a lady walking her dog where we were. turns out we were walking up the Wrekin. Ive lived in Shropshire a few years now but i still don't know where a lot of places are.

Opeie was happy walking for all of 5 minutes and as he has never liked being in his pushchair our relaxing walking turned in to something that resembled Luke's Dagobah Training from The Empire Strikes Back. Opeie had a big smile on his face though so i was happy.

We didn't walk to far as i didn't want us to be late picking up Mrs M, plus Opeie was stopping every few minutes to find rocks that he wanted me to put in my pocket for his apparent new collection. The ones he decided he didn't want got Hulk smashed (that's my boy). I'm one of those strange people you see in the street that says hi when they walk by, Ive always been that way. After passing a few people tackling the hill and saying hi Opeie started saying 'afternoon' to people too. It's nice to be friendly to people you don't know but i do get some funny looks sometimes.

I explained to Opeie that we couldn't take all the rocks home with us so he had to sort out his favourites, the rocks that he had become more attached to, Then we filled my pockets and we headed back to the car to get mommy.

What shall we do with the rocks, any ideas?

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