Friday 17 May 2013

To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.

Play patrol mission 1.2 and we're an agent down, Secret agent Seth is on a sabbatical so the mission will be taken by our mini agent. When i first met Seth he was train mad and had quite a collection of pieces for his wooden track. He still loves it now but it's only been the last month that it's come back out of it's boxes. I didn't think that Opeie would be that interested being the super hero addict that he is but he's been loving it, just goes to show that little boys love trains. They are great for younger children because they are so easy to connect together.

When we opened our package from Bigjigs Toys and saw what was inside Seth got really excited 'wow its a train spinney part, they are my favourite parts'. We had been sent the industrial turntable and we couldn't wait to get building our track. Sadly as i said before Seth wasn't with us when we first played with it but Opeie took full advantage. I love building the train track as its different everytime you build it, very important when keeping your children interested in a toy.

The Industrial Turntable is a great compliment to the other Bigjigs toys items that we own. Its a large piece and has 6 exits coming off it. Opeie loved the sliding stop start sign that changes from green to red. Great for teaching Opeie about when to go and stay (Great for explaining the importance of waiting at traffic lights when were out and about too). What i love most about Bigjigs toys is because of the quality of the items and the timeless designs these are 'forever toys'. When the boys have both outgrown them they will be put in to storage for their children hopefully. Even if that was in 30 years, because of the design they will never look dated. Not all toys stand the test of time but these will make an appearance for many many years to come.

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