Friday 31 May 2013

Science at Home - Ribbit Ribbit , it's a tad pole exhibit

Gerald our garden frog seems to have left us a rather unexpected gift.... The other day Pauly noticed some tadpoles in the paddling pool , which is in our neighbours garden whilst feeding the rabbits. 

I mentioned it at work and one if the girls got very excited and asked me to put some in the air tight tub she quickly passed me. So, yesterday before work I filled the tub with about 50 tadpoles only to find the boys at the back door eagerly waiting to see the specimens . 

Opeie assumed they were fish, 
or "fish-eees" as he excitedly shouts- anything in water with a tail , is a fish, according to Opeie .

Seth asked if we could get some tadpoles of our own for the garden , which I agreed to as his excitement and smiles were hard to say no to , and lets be honest tadpoles aren't a big ask ! 

So today, after work , we put on our wellies , and headed out into the garden. 

Opeie however was more interested in the Lolly pop he had, as he'd never had one before .  Seth was excited as he had never seen tadpoles up close before . 

I asked the boys where they thought the tadpoles would feel happiest , and after a long hard thought Seth decided on a round plastic Garden bucket . 

I asked Seth how he thought tadpoles grow into frogs , and he looked closely and realised some had started to sprout legs . We then thought about how best to make it easy for the grown frogs to be able to get out of they plastic pond . 

I explained to Seth about tadpoles needing rain / or stream / spring water as they couldn't survive in tap water . He asked why can't survive in it, why do we drink it ?! Good question my boy , but lets not get political on the blog just yet. We spent the next 10 minutes looking for rain water in the garden and surprisingly found a lot, mostly in the old hanging baskets . 

Finally we rehoused the tadpoles into their new home and they seem happy , especially since Pauly moved them into the shade. 

I will keep you up dated with tadpole news! 

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