Wednesday 22 May 2013

"They look like fish fingers to me, and i would never eat a fish finger."

Blogging has taken second place over the last few days as Opeie hasn't been feeling too great and neither has Mrs M. Because of the weather on top of that we've not really been out anywhere. After dropping Mrs M off at work this morning and Seth at school I brought the snotty nosed one home and asked him if he wanted to read some books. He said yes and then proceeded to take his clothes off, this is Opeie's little book reading ritual, he has to be completely naked while reading books in our bed. Am i allowed to be dressed? No! I have to join the nudey gang for ultimate relaxation. We went through the boys bookshelf and as usual he picked around 30 for us to plough through.

After about 10 books grandad phoned for a chat and while I had a little break from the books and chatted I looked for things for Opeie to nibble on as he hasn't touched much of his breakfast due to losing his appetite a little. Opeie continued to read the books he knew well to himself in his own very cute way. After my phone call I got back in to bed to continue our reading session. Opeie handed me a Charlie and Lola book that I don't remember reading all the way through and I'm glad he did. The book was all about food and I though I would use Opeie's excitement to my advantage.

After getting through all but three I think of the books he had chosen it was lunch time. I decided that Charlie and Lola would be the theme of our lunch and used the book to get Opeie to eat by cooking him carrots, peas, mash and fish fingers. Good old Charlie and Lola! The lunch went down quite well and opeie managed to eat a good amount. Because of all his allergies and food intolerance's it can be quite frustrating finding fun new things to eat and it can be really difficult when he is ill and has lost his appetite. We tend to have to think outside the box sometimes when it comes to his eating. One time we even had to have him flying round the room like superman swooping down to each mouthful just to get him to eat. Today's great result has got me searching through his books looking for new ideas, needless to say i wont be trying 'Green eggs and Ham' just yet.

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