Monday 3 March 2014

"BIG M, little m, Many Mumbling Mice. Are making midnight music in themoonlight... Mighty nice"

After the disappointment of not being able to attend Opeie's dance class last week due to illness and not being able to show off our fox masks for the 'f' themed class, we were eager to find out this weeks theme. The letter 'M' (for March) was this weeks theme and as I consulted my partner in crime bringing forward some possible options for the day Opeie made it quite clear (as he does a lot these days) that he would be attending the morning as 'Mario'. I love to get stuck in creating something for a Monday morning but it seemed that we were practically sorted with only a minute craft session needed (which gave us more time to high five each other - Mrs M).

We were missing a moustache so we quickly drew an outline on some black paper, cut it out and attached it to a chopstick, voila! 

Our mini plumber entered Clatterbugs confidently holding his moustache with pride (until someone spoke to him and then he pulled his hat over his face, classic Opeie). Opeie's letter 'M' themed morning was complete. All he needed to do now was save our own beautiful princess peach from work for cuddles and our adventure would be complete...

And daddy??? Well Mario's trusty Mushroom sidekick was as always, by his side and ready for action. "Lets a go".

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Rebecca Beesley said...

ha ha - that mushroom really made me laugh! Opeie looks fantastic as Mario - far better than Mario himself even!