Thursday 30 January 2014

"Thanks for playing! Way to go!"

This morning I thought it would be a good idea to make some masks with Opeie. I wanted to keep him Occupied in the house seeing as it's so cold and wet outside and he's not been feeling great since the weekend. I also wanted to keep his mind off the TV, I'd had my fill of Go Diego Go this morning. I asked Opeie what masks he wanted to make? As always he knew exactly what he wanted, Yoshi from super Mario with his long tongue sticking out for him and Mario for me, no problem.

The coloured card, scissors and glue came out and we sat down together to be creative. About 10 minutes in though Mrs M handed him a snack and he instantly lost interest so I continued alone and made a very quick Yoshi mask with sticky out tongue as requested.

As soon as Opeie saw the mask he got his creative mojo back and reached for his scissors. Now if you've ever tried to do cutting with young children you'll know that they need a lot of help so sadly no photos of us in creative mode. I held the paper and moved it round as he snipped away. Some of the pieces came out how we wanted and some of them were a little bit more unique, but the finished Mario mask came out so much better and had much more character than the mask I had made.

And that was our morning, now to fill the afternoon.

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