Saturday 19 April 2014

"And I'm stone in the eyes of your foolishness"

Children can say some strange things sometimes, the boys can come out with all sorts of jibberish when they are playing which can be quite entertaining at times. Despite the crazyness i think that a lot of the things that children say (especially younger children) is ignored and not given the attention it deserves. Both myself and Mrs M are firm believers in getting to the bottom of what Opeie is trying to say no matter how long it takes even if at times it can be quite frustrating. The great thing about being patient and paying attention to what your child is trying to say is that most of the time you will be rewarded by just how intelligent your little one is. Remember the plaster on the wall post?.

Today while heading out for an afternoon in the sun with friends, Mrs M, doing her usual car DJiing asked what we wanted to listen to. Opeie shouted out from the back "on the book". We had absolutely no idea what he was talking about but he was adamant that he wanted to listen to 'on a book'. Feeling a little frustrated with us not knowing the song and asking him if he can sing it to us he then came out with "Heart grows", another piece to this musical puzzle it seemed we would never crack. The only clue we could understand was "screamy rock music". This clue would have probably eluded most people but to us 'screamy rock music' means 'Funeral for a friend' which the boys had been rocking out to earlier in the week.

not getting anywhere with Opeie's clues Mrs M decided to Google the few words we had and surprisingly there it was, I'll be honest I was shocked that we worked it out but again pleasantly surprised at just how much our clever little three year old takes in. I'm not to sure that Mrs M is pleased at the direction the boys music taste is going this week but I think it's important for them to be introduced to music from all genres as music is such a big thing for me and Mrs M.

"on the book" was actually "I'm nothing more than a line in your book"

"heart grows" was "heart breaks and spills"

And the song...

Listen to your children, they are a lot more interesting than you think and are a great source of entertainment!

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Rebecca Beesley said...

I love hearing what they say. Miss T is just getting to that stage now. Today I heard her singing 'pick me' (from cbeebies let's play) whilst she was getting to sleep. We also have a light in our bedroom that for about 6 months or more, she points to and says 'dog' - we still can't see what she means by it - but she definitely sees something there!